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[02 Oct]    Target Begins Rolling Out Apple Watch To U.S. Stores This Week 

AppleEvent_2015_32 This morning Target announced that it’s rolling out the Apple Watch to some of its stores this week, with all U.S. stores getting it October 25. This marks the second big chain after Best Buy to get the device. Apple Watch will roll out to on October 18. Read More

[01 Oct]    Google Patents Holograms For Glass, Which Could Involve Magic Leap 

Google Glass Magic Leap Today Google published a patent application for using holograms in a head mounted display like Google Glass. It would effectively let Google create augmented reality experiences that superimpose computer-generated imagery (CGI) atop the real world. Filed in March 2014, the patent shows Google’s research into how it could merge its head mounted display technology with AR. [Correction: This… Read More

[01 Oct]    Sereneti Kitchen Robot Cooks So You Don’t Have To 

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 3.08.47 PM Last week at Disrupt SF 2015, I ran into the folks behind Sereneti Kitchen, a company that I’ve known since it launched at our Hardware Battlefield in Vegas earlier this year. Then, its technology had promise, but less polish. In the interim, the firm went through the Highway1 accelerator and wanted to show off what it has been up to. Read More

[01 Oct]    How To Keep IoT Hunters And Poachers Out Of Your Food And Farms 

farmhouse A drone equipped to “sniff” Zigbee flew over an Austin neighborhood in early August and found almost 1,600 devices. It’s a sign of how ubiquitous these technologies have become, and how we use them every day — despite their vulnerabilities. As we connect more devices to our lives, I can’t help but wonder, can hackers hurt, hunt or poach our local food… Read More

[30 Sep]    The eJaculator Is A VR-Based Pleasure Machine For The Lads 

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.28.01 PM If your girlfriend is in a coma or, at the very least, indisposed, I think we have something you might like. It’s called the eJaculator VR and it consists of a thinger that goes on your whozit and a VR mask that allows you to watch someone, somewhere in 3D and then find pleasure using the rubber thinger with some motors in it. In your life, why should you give valuable time to this thing? Read More