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[27 Apr]    Apple Boasts Over 3,500 Apple Watch Apps Already Available 

apple-watch-appsApple CEO Tim Cook said on today’s company earnings call that there are over 3,500 apps available at launch for the Apple Watch, which is better than the 1,000 total that were ready for iPad when that device launched in April of 2010, and 7 times the 500 apps available when the iPhone’s App Store first debuted in July 2008. Read More

[27 Apr]    Best Buy Will Accept Apple Pay In All U.S. Stores Later This Year 

apple payBack when Apple Pay was first launched, Best Buy wanted none of it. As a part of the MCX consortium, they were a part of an effort among retailers to build a mobile payments system of their own: CurrentC. It seems Best Buy has changed its mind. 6 months later, Best Buy is jumping on the Apple Pay train. Read More

[27 Apr]    Apple ‘Working Hard’ To Catch Up With Apple Watch Demand 

applewatch-7Apple is “working very, very hard” to meet the strong demand for Apple Watch, Apple CFO Luca Maestri told Bloomberg Businessweek in the wake of the company’s earnings call today. Apple is facing demand that it hopes to largely catch up with by the end of June, according to the executive. “It’s been really great to see the reaction of customers since their… Read More

[27 Apr]    Identified Technologies’ Drones Will Automatically Map Your Job Site So You Don’t Have To 

Identified Technologies Vertical ConstructionMapping a job site – be it a construction site, oil field, or giant human battery pod factory – is a tough job. That’s why Identified Technologies’ Dick Zhang wants you to send in the drones. His company, which is funded to the tune of $2 million, allows you to send a quadcopter around your job site to create a topographical map of the situation. It is completely… Read More

[27 Apr]    Apple Mac Sales Up 10% YoY Despite Global Decline In PC Shipments 

macbook-nameApple sold approximately 4.6 million Macs this quarter, according to the company’s Q2 2015 earnings report, released today. This represents year-over-year growth of 10 percent, with 4.1 million Macs sold in the same quarter last year. Last quarter, over the holidays, Apple sold 5.5 million Macs, meaning that Apple Mac sales declined by 17 percent quarterly. Read More