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[29 Nov]    GoTenna Keeps Your Cell Phone Connected, Even When You Don’t Have Cell Service 

gotenna-phone GoTenna co-founder Daniela Perdomo knows that her startup has been “quiet for a long time,” but she said it’s for a good reason — the team has been busy turning its prototype into something that could be “manufactured at scale.” The company aims to help users to communicate even when they don’t have any cell signal, whether it’s because… Read More

[28 Nov]    12 Gifts To Inspire The Next Generation Of Coders 

TC gift guide 2015 Are you buying a gift for a budding coder or hardware hacker? Kids today are truly spoilt on this front, with a very wide range of specialized kit that offers to teach tech smarts in a fun and engaging way. This gift guide pulls together some of the best children’s gifts in this category right now. Read More

[27 Nov]    This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Happy Thanksgiving! 

gadgets151125 Though we’re in the midst of the holiday season, we’ve still made time to talk about the latest in gadgets news. The Samsung Gear VR went on sale last week, which is a relatively big deal in the world of VR. Sony, meanwhile, announced that it sold more than 30 million units of the PS4 since launch. Plus, we talked about some more cool gift guides. This week’s episode of the… Read More

[27 Nov]    ‘Moments’ Are Selling The Promise Of VR Right Now 

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 11.10.38 AM When explaining some of the nuances of virtual reality to friends and family, they want to hear about the “games” or the “apps.” Yes, full experiences, or “titles” are an exciting part about any platform’s growth. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many full titles that are going to get people excited yet. Yes, there are some great games adapted… Read More

[27 Nov]    Romain Jerome Creates A Watch For True Mario Fans 

Romain-Jerome-Super-Mario-Bros-watch Do you like Nintendo? Do you have $19,000? I think we found you a watch. The Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros. the watchmaker’s take on good old Mario and his mushroom-induced adventures and is aimed at collectors who aren’t afraid to drop twenty grand on nostalgia. The watch is RJ’s third arcade-themed piece and joins his Pac Man watch as well as his Space Invaders piece.… Read More